Slot Machines

Slot Machine

Slot machine once formed the basis of every casino online. After all, not so long ago there were no other games available than the slot machines we know from the French fry store, the Chinese on the corner or the sports canteen. Slot machines may not offer as high winnings as, say, video slots or table games, but they do add a unique kind of excitement to the game. On this page you will find specific information about slots and links to the most popular slots games at the moment!

Can I try out a slot machine first?

Most of the games found in online casinos have a so-called “practice mode” which allows you to try out a particular game with fictitious money before you decide to play it for real. Slots also have such a practice mode, provided the slot machine is not too old. In the early days of online casinos, games were just being fitted with an exercise mode and some games from that time are so popular that they can still be played in their original form. So that means that in those games the practice mode is not present. However, these are only a small number of games. Most slots games allow you to play in practice mode.

The practice mode can be activated by opening a slot game via the “Play for fun” button. The game is then started as it normally would be, only then a fictitious credit is automatically added to the game. With this credit you can play as long as you want. If you then want to play the game with real money, you can switch to real-money mode and your own play credit will be added to the game. Sometimes you have to close and restart the game first.

Are slots games also playable via smartphone?

A good and solid online casino today will make sure that all the games one can play at the online casino are suitable for playing via a desktop or laptop as well as a smartphone or tablet. This applies to all games that can be played at an online casino, including the various slots games that can be found there.

Difference between a Slot and a Video Slot

Slot Machines

The terms slot machine and video slot are used quite often interchangeably. This is not surprising since slot machines and video slots are neatly grouped together in almost every online casino. However the difference between video slots and slot machines is quite big and if you want to play in an online casino you’ll want to know what exactly the specific characteristics of a slot machine and a video game are. To explain what the main differences are between the two types of casino games, we can start by simply looking at the name of both games. The word slot machine contains the word gambling. Video slots contain the word video, which immediately brings to mind important characteristics of both games.

With a slot machine you can win bigger prizes by making winning combinations and then doubling them to a higher amount via a gambling game. Higher amounts can also fall, but typically they will never be as high as they are in video slots. Prizes you win on a slot machine may therefore be tried to increase through a gamble feature, but you may also choose to simply take the prizes directly. On video slots, there are usually no opportunities to increase a prize through a gamble feature. It should be noted, however, that newer video slots do have an additional feature whereby a prize can be doubled via a simple guessing game.

A second difference between slot machines and video games is the fact that video games are almost always based on a complete theme and that often all kinds of extra features are used to make the video game even more attractive. Slot machines usually don’t have an elaborate theme and use traditional game symbols such as bars, fruit symbols and numbers. Furthermore, in a slot machine you will hardly ever encounter extra features and certainly not a bonus round where you can win much higher amounts of free spins. So a slot machine is primarily a game where you can gamble, while a video slot machine is primarily about winning instant prizes, with or without the help of extra game features or a bonus round.

What does the abbreviation RTP mean on a slot machine?

The term RTP which is listed on a separate sheet in each slot game is an abbreviation of Return To Player. With the RTP, a certain percentage is always mentioned and this percentage varies from one slot game to another. Other games such as video slots, table games and even games in the live casino section all have a certain RTP as well. The RTP is a percentage that is based on the difference between what players spend on a slot machine and what the slot machine pays out in winnings. This average percentage is calculated over thousands of game rounds played on a slot machine. One calculates how much money comes in on all those spins and at the same time looks at all the winning combinations the game gives. The number of spins used to determine the RTP and the amount of money spent on the slot is 100%.

The winning combinations that fall are then added together and then subtracted from the total amount of revenue. The percentage that then remains is called the RTP. In practice the RTP of a slot machine lies somewhere between 92% and 98% which means that with an RTP of 92% of every MYR 485 played on the machine MYR 445 is returned to the player through a winning combination. The higher a slot machine’s RTP, the greater the chance of regularly seeing nice winning combinations. Please note that the RTP is always an indication and not a fixed statistic.